filling lines:

Pacmac offers complete automatic and semi-automatic filling lines for packaging of powders, liquids, paste, and dry food products. Pacmac also specializes in filling lines specifically designed for infant formula and dairy products; satisfying the stringent requirements for quality, clean-in-place (CIP), and shelf-life.

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»  Filling Lines
   – Infant Formula / Milk Powder
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   – Liquid
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   – Dairy
» Filling Lines
   – Balm (Ointment)
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   – Dry Products

Filling Lines – Balm (Ointment)

Pacmac offers fully semi-automatic and automatic filling lines for semi-solid products such as ointments, gels, and balms in small jars, shallow drawn cans, and pharmaceutical tinlets. Filling lines are also offered for shoe polish in tinlets.

Special equipment offered:

‒ Multi Head piston filler for balms

‒ Capping machine for jars and tinlets

‒ Collatering machine for tinlets