filling lines:

Pacmac offers complete automatic and semi-automatic filling lines for packaging of powders, liquids, paste, and dry food products. Pacmac also specializes in filling lines specifically designed for infant formula and dairy products; satisfying the stringent requirements for quality, clean-in-place (CIP), and shelf-life.

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»  Filling Lines
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filling lines – infant formula / milk powder

Through the introduction of specialized equipment for powder filling, Pacmac has addressed the special handling and sealing requirements for packaging infant formula and milk powder. With the ability to achieve < 1% residual oxygen in containers sealed using our vacuum & gassing equipment, shelf-life of products containing milk fat can now be significantly increased. In addition, a flexible system layout allows for simultaneous multi-station operation, thus increasing overall efficiency and throughput.

filling Equipment offered:

‒ Single / Multi-Head Augur Filler

‒ Single / Multi-Head Cup Filler

special equipment offered:

- High accuracy Auger filler

‒ Can sterilization (UV / Gas flame)

‒ End sterilization (UV / Gas flame)

‒ Can cleaning (hot air)

‒ Vacuumising & Gassing

‒ Spoon insertion

typical equipment layout