In addition to continuously improving our standard range of products, Pacmac is always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop unique products to help our customers bridge the gap between the current industry paradigm and evolving market needs. Through our extensive experience over the years, our designs are focused to strike a perfect balance between evolving technology, efficiency, and economy.

» Vacuum Gassing Machine
» Leak Testing Machine
» Filling line
 – Condensed Milk
» Filling line
 - Coffee Powder

filling line – Coffee Powder

Pacmac offers complete automatic and semi-automatic filling lines for packaging of powders (free flowing & non-free flowing) in jars, tin containers, and composite containers as well as granulated powders (instant coffee) in tin containers. Based on the characteristics of the powder being filled and required fill accuracy, a variety of filling options are available. Semi-automatic filling lines are also available for powder filling in flexible pouches.

filling fquipment offered:

‒ Single / Multi-Head Augur Filler

‒ Single / Multi-Head Cup Filler

Special Equipment offered:

‒ Vacuum Gassing

‒ Check weighing

‒ Metal detection / X-Ray Inspection

‒ Bottle capping

‒ Induction sealing

‒ End / bottom crimping