Special Products

With the goal of enhancing quality and adding value to our customer's products, Pacmac has designed and developed the following special equipment:

»  Vacuum Gassing Machine
»  Leak Testing Machine
»  Bottle Capping Machine
»  Bottle Sleeving machine

leak testing machine

Pacmac's fully automated leak testing machine provides the repeatability and throughput required for applications demanding 100% leak testing of containers. Utilizing pressure sensing components of high sensitivity and accuracy, our leak testing machine offers the most reliable means for container testing without the need for human intervention.

Designed to easily adapt to containers of various styles and sizes, our rotary multi‐head testing machines offer easy changeover with test parameter adjustability through the use of PLC based control interface. Leaking containers are automatically redirected to a rejection table.


- Rotary turntable design for continuous in‐line testing

- Up to 30 leak test stations for higher output

- High accuracy pressure decay sensing for quick leak detection

- Modular leak test housings for easy size changeover

- Automatic defective container separation to rejection table

- Suitable for round cans, aerosol cans, and spin‐on filters

- Semi‐automatic version available for lower output

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Air Leak Tester

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