Special Products

With the goal of enhancing quality and adding value to our customer's products, Pacmac has designed and developed the following special equipment:

»  Vacuum Gassing Machine
»  Leak Testing Machine
»  Bottle Capping Machine
»  Bottle Sleeving machine

Bottle Sleeving machine

Bottle sleeving solutions provided by Pacmac's sleeving machines help enhance the product sales appeal by providing a low-cost packaging alternative that is attractive and durable. Sleeving machines can be provided for irregular shaped bottles as well as odd surfaces which cannot be easily printed by conventional printing processes. Additionally, sleeving functions as a protective layer against pilferage.


Pacmac's fully automatic sleeving technology combines the following functions for exceptional quality:

- Reshaping of the flattened tubular sleeve reel to perfect cylindrical    shape

- Accurate pitch of feed for the sleeve

- Synchronized feeding of container with feeding of sleeve

- Accurate length cutting of sleeve

- Precision sliding of the cut sleeve over the product

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Bottle Sleeving Machine