pacmac products

Pacmac's product line includes equipment for handling and filling powders, liquids, paste, and dry goods in various container types. Container sealing is provided with our range of semi-automatic and fully automatic precision seaming machines for containers and capping machines for jars and bottles. Our special products include vacuum and gassing systems which provide extended shelf-life for oxygen sensitive products by reducing the residual oxygen content in containers or flexible packages.

Filling Lines

Pacmac offers complete automatic and semi-automatic filling lines for packaging of powders, liquids, paste, and dry food products. Pacmac also specializes in filling lines specifically designed for infant formula and dairy products; satisfying the stringent requirements for quality, clean-in-place (CIP), and shelf-life.


Seaming Machines

Pacmac's line of precision seaming machinery has set the benchmark for seaming accuracy and quality for the food industry. Our range of semi‐automatic and fully automatic seamers is designed to offer the ideal solution to every customers need.


Special Products

With the goal of enhancing quality and adding value to our customer's products, Pacmac has designed and developed the following special equipment:
Vacuum Gassing machine
Air Leak Testing machine
Bottle capping machine