In addition to continuously improving our standard range of products, Pacmac is always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop unique products to help our customers bridge the gap between the current industry paradigm and evolving market needs. Through our extensive experience over the years, our designs are focused to strike a perfect balance between evolving technology, efficiency, and economy.

» Vacuum Gassing Machine
» Leak Testing Machine
» Filling line
 – Condensed Milk
» Filling line
 - Coffee Powder

filling line – Condensed Milk

Meeting the stringent design requirements of the dairy industry, Pacmac's filling lines provide the ideal solution for preserving product quality with extended shelf-life. With its sanitary design and stainless steel construction, our liquid filling lines are also specially suited for cheese and condensed milk filling applications.

equipment features include:

‒ Sanitary design for hygienic operation

‒ Gentle handling for minimizing spillage

‒ Easy clean-in-place (CIP) capability

special equipment offered:

‒ Can sterilization (UV / Gas flame)

‒ End sterilization (UV / Gas flame)

‒ Can cleaning (hot air)

‒ Can washing / drying

typical equipment layout

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