Special Products

With the goal of enhancing quality and adding value to our customer's products, Pacmac has designed and developed the following special equipment:

»  Vacuum Gassing Machine
»  Leak Testing Machine
»  Bottle Capping Machine
»  Bottle Sleeving machine

vacuum gassing Machine

Pacmac's vacuum / gassing machines provide an ideal solution for extending the shelf life of materials such as powdered milk, baby-formula, coffee powder, nuts, and other dry products. The removal of air from the filled containers using vacuum is followed by an inert gas flushing operation. The resulting residual oxygen content in the container can be limited to < 1%.


- Sanitary design for easy cleaning

- Multi-chamber layout available for higher output

- Low inert gas consumption

- User-friendly PLC control for process optimization

- Modular tooling for quick changeover

- Semi-automatic systems available for lower capacities

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Vacuum Gassing Machine

vacuum  gassing Machine  product brochure